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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Advanced Searches & Filtering

Most well-known search engines and search interfaces have advanced search filters that you can use to locate and identify resources with Creative Commons Licenses!    

Google Image Search

1.  Go to Google Image Search and then click "Search Tools," or search Google, click "Images," and then click "Search Tools."

2.  Click the "Usage Rights" drop-down menu, and then select which type of use you would like to filter for. 

3.  Click on the the image that you would like to use, click "Visit Page," and then click on the image once again.  Below the image is more information about the image, including Creative Commons License information, which is highlighted.  This image is CC0, which means that its creator has placed the image into Public Domain.  Click on the "More Details" in order to retrieve even more information about the image.

4.  From this page, you are able select the size that you would like to download and use.  Clicking on the Information About Using link will lead the user to further information about the Creative Commons Licensing structure and to general help about reusing the image.  

Filtering a Search in YouTube

Perform a search in YouTube.  Click "Filters" and then click "Creative Commons."  This filter will limit your search to any video with a Creative Commons CC-By or Attribution License.   This license allows others to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon the original work, even commercially, as long as the original author is credited for the original work.    

Below the YouTube Video, you will find information regarding the Creative Commons License.  You can also click on "Source videos" to see what videos the author used in order to create this video.