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Circulation Policies @ LLCC

This guide reviews the circulation policies at Lincoln Land Community College Library.


LLCC Library offers students the use of 2 printers that can print in color and on both sides if necessary.  LLCC provides all students with 3.00 credits of printing at the beginning of each semester. Black-and-white prints may be made for 0.05 credits per page, while color prints will cost 0.35 credits per page.  Additional credits may be purchased in one of two ways: (1) by using a debit or credit card to load credit on your PaperCut account from any LLCC computer or (2) with change or $1 bills at the coin box attached to each printer.  If you need change for larger bills, just ask at the Circulation Desk. 

To print a document in the library, you will need to log in to one of our desktop PCs, print your document, and then log in to one of our two printers to release your print job(s).  Please note that we do not offer wireless printing at the Library.


We have one copier for students to use.  It can only copy in black-and-white.  Copies are $0.10 per page, and our copier accepts change and $1 bills.  If you need change for larger bills, just ask at the Circulation Desk.


LLCC Library's printers also function as scanners that you allow you to email scanned documents free of charge.  Files may be scanned in either black-and-white or color in PDF, TIFF, and JPEG formats.  Just ask at the Circulation desk if you need assistance scanning.


Students, faculty/staff, and community members may send or receive faxes free of charge at LLCC Library's Circulation desk.  When sending a fax, patrons are required to fill out a Fax Cover Sheet.  LLCC Library's fax number is 217-786-2251.