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About LLCC Library

Jill Campbell, Professor, Librarian

Photo of Jill Campbell, Professor, Librarian

Jill Campbell

Professor, Librarian

(217) 786-2360

Leslie Ross, Professor, Librarian


Photo of Leslie Rios, Professor, Librarian

Leslie Ross 

Professor, Librarian

(217) 786-4617

Ryan Roberts, Professor, Librarian

Photo of Ryan Roberts, Professor, Librarian

Ryan Roberts 

Professor, Librarian

(217) 786-2771

Scott Ebbing, Manager, Library Systems & Data

Photo of Scott Ebbing, Library Access Services Specialist

Scott Ebbing 

Manager, Library Systems & Data

(217) 786-2358

Katrina Quattlander, Library Circulation & Engagement Coordinator

Photo of Katrina Quattlander, Library Access Services Assistant

Katrina Quattlander

Library Circulation & Engagement Coordinator

(217) 786-2270

Alexis Rogers, Cataloging Specialist

Photo of  Alexis Rogers, Serials & Multimedia Specialist

Alexis Rogers

Cataloging Specialist

(217) 786-2356

Leanne Roseberry, Acquisitions Specialist

Photo of Leanne Roseberry, Acquisitions Specialist

Leanne Roseberry

Acquisitions Specialist

(217) 786-2361

Tammy Kuhn-Schnell, Dean

Photo of Tammy Kuhn-Schnell, Dean

Tammy Kuhn-Schnell

Dean, Library

(217) 786-2353

Nancy Weichert, Library Specialist

Photo of Nancy Weichert, Library Specialist

Nancy Weichert

Library Specialist


Amanda Wiesenhofer, Director, Library Digital & Technical Services

Photo of Amanda Wiesenhofer, Electronic Resources & Library Systems Administrator, Photo Credit:  Illinois Humane

Amanda Wiesenhofer

Director, Library Digital & Technical Services

(217) 786-2475 

Photo Credit:  Illinois Humane