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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Creative Commons: How to Give Attribution

Even though the resource is licensed with an open license, you still need to give proper attribution for the resources that you use.

Basic Steps of Attribution:

  1. download appropriate CC License icon from WikiMedia or the Creative Commons website and insert into attribution statement (it is helpful to download all the icons at once and put them in a folder-the CC website packages all icons into a zip file)
  2. add hyperlink to CC License Deed (found on Creative Commons site, or just follow the link on the original resource) to the icon.
  3. provide the name of the person who created the content; if applicable, add hyperlink to their website
  4. add a hyperlink that will direct the user to the original source

For additional information, please see the following sites:

Creative Commons:  How to Give Attribution

Creative Commons Wiki:  Best Practices for Attribution

CCCOER Attributing OER

How to Attribute Creative Commons Licensed Images: from Pixabay

Open Washington Open Attribution Builder

Open Attribution Builder - Open Washington Open Educational Resources Network

Open Attribution Builder is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Managed by WA SBCTC. 

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