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Speech Resources at LLCC Library

Advantages of the Library

  • Search Engines/databases/resources with embedded researach tools
  • Human librarian assistance
  • Wide Range of Topics
    most information from the free open web can be found in better format in the library databases
  • Citations - ready to copy and paste after one quick check

  Evaluate & Choose

The links below provide criteria for evaluating internet resources, examples of "good" & "bad" resources, and practice at determining web site quality. Use them to help you determine if the information provided online is credible, reliable & accurate.
See also, the Website Citations - MLA box under the Ethical Use: Citations TAB.  It is sometimes difficult to find all information you need to create a website citation. Websites that provide all or most of the citation information needed for MLA format, at usually better than websites that don't provide this information. Also each piece of information in the citation represents a standard you can use to judge the websites quality.

What is this site, anyway? Is it for REALS?

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what kind of site or web page you are looking at. Use the link in the box above titled: Anatomy of a WebPage to help you figure it out. 

Avoid the following types of webpages when doing college, academic, scholarly research:

  • blogs
  • personal websites
  • wiki's & wikipedia
  • movies
  • historical novels

Why Start with the Library