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Composition Research at LLCC

Use this guide to walk-through the research process with step-by-step instructions and annotated photos detailing recommended databases, source citation, and avenues for obtaining additional assistance from LLCC Reference Librarians

Subject Terms: Defined

Subject terms are the official language of the Database. When used as Search Terms, the results are more specific and relevant. A subject term is applied to an article/resource when a professional librarian examines the article and determines what it is MOSTLY about. The subject terms = what the article is mostly about.

FIND SUBJECT TERMS that describe your topic in many places, including:
  • the detailed record of a "good" article
  • use the Suggest Subject Terms box
  • Database suggestions in results
  • LC Subject Headings - ref book
  • Specialized Encyclopedia Index

  Search Terms

Words in the Search Box

  • more words = fewer results
  • natural language WON'T WORK
  • MULTIPLE search terms
  • use Database SUBJECT TERMS
  • find search terms IN RESULTS
  • main concept terms
  • focusing terms
  • broad/narrow terms
  • check spelling

Suggested Subject Terms Screen Shot

 Use Suggested Subject Terms in the Search Box in EbscoHost to find more relevant results
select SUBJECT TERMS from the drag down menu next to the search box