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RAD : Radiography Resources at LLCC

Use this guide to help select from and access the most appropriate and scholarly resources available through LLCC library for students in the Associates Degree in Radiography / Applied Science. Also find information about citing in APA Format and ethical

Why the Library --- Research for the Applied Associates Degree in Radiography

This guide includes resources to :

  • Cite sources in papers with the correct APA formatting, includes:
    • In-text citing
    • Reference page citations
  • Contact Librarians 
    • to review APA citing and reference lists
    • for help finding articles/sources
  • Access Subscription Databases for Peer-reviewed research in Journals
    • links below in the box labeled: Subscription Databases
  • View online Radiography Journals and print Books available through LLCC library
  • Access subscription Practice Exams (Exam Prep with PrepStep)

Use left side navigation bars to go to each section.

Subscription Databases (recommended for Radiography)