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RAD : Radiography Resources at LLCC

Use this guide to help select from and access the most appropriate and scholarly resources available through LLCC library for students in the Associates Degree in Radiography / Applied Science. Also find information about citing in APA Format and ethical

Why the Library --- Research for the Applied Associates Degree in Radiography

Students in the LLCC Radiography Program conduct academic research to write papers and build presentations in several classes throughout the course of the program, including:

  • ​RAD 110  
  • RAD 210 and
  • RAD 220.


This guide uses the internet to connect you with SUBSCRIPTION DATABASES. Information in subscription databases is preferred over internet research because the articles contained in Subscription databases are scholarly PRINT resources which have been converted for digital access. That means, when you use a database, you are not getting WEBSITES as your results.

Using the SUBSCRIPTION DATABASES linked (on this guide and/or the library homepage) means your sources will be high quality ACADEMIC & SCHOLARLY sources. See the blue tab (above) labeled "Subscription Databases" to learn more and access the links. Use your standard LLCC username and password in the grey login box that pops up. 

Navigate using the blue tabs above to see information about other resources as well, such as Books, E-books, Streaming video and more. 

NOTE: Anatomy & Physiology Models are available in the library for hands-on use. 

In this Guide

This guide provides instructions, guidance and assistance using specialized scholarly and academic subscription resources through the LLCC Library. 

Use this guide to:

  • select the best databases for your topic
  • identify search terms necessary to find resources on your topic (see the ASSIGNMENTS TAB)
  • choose the best articles from among the available resources (see Research Process tab & Recommended Online Resources tab)
  • use APA format for your citations and paper 

RAD Research Assignments

See the RAD ASSIGNMENTS TAB above for specific assistance with the following assignments : Radiation Sources, ARS Narrative, Roentgen's Discovery & Electronic Paper Assignments: including databases, search terms, and citation/formatting tips.