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OTA Resources at LLCC

Guidance, links, suggestions and instructions for using and accessing OTA resources at LLCC Library.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

NOTE: Click on the TITLE of the JOURNAL when viewing an article in EbscoHost -- scroll down for information about Peer-Review status.

American Occupational Therapists Association - Evidence Based Practice & Research

Identify Research Articles -- Is it Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

Research articles include the following section headings; Make sure your choice includes these sections.:
  • abstract
  • introduction/background
  • methods/procedures
  • results
  • conclusions
  • works cited/bibliography
Look for this ICON: 



  • The key to identifying an Evidence-based Practice article is to look for CONNECTIONS between the RESEARCH FINDINGS and the SPECIFIC RECOMMNEDATIONS FOR PRACTICE. 
  • Quality EBP Research Articles are published in Peer-Reviewed Journals and provide the specific details of the research conducted (Methods) along with the implications of the finding for practice (Conclusions/Discussion). 

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research

Tutorials: OTA Scholarly Research: Analysis & Critcal Reading