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A streaming video service using a patron-driven-acquisition (PDA) model for video licensing.

Kanopy is an awesome streaming video service for faculty use to enrich their course teachings. 


We at LLCC Library want our faculty to use and love Kanopy as much as we do! In order for Kanopy to have its greatest curricular reach, we ask you to be mindful while viewing videos within Kanopy’s vast collection of more than 30,000 titles so that our dollar can go further. 

Please take a couple of minutes to read the information regarding how costs are accrued in Kanopy (below) and take note of many of Kanopy’s course-enriching features (left) prior to using Kanopy.  


►Faculty curate titles useful for their courses from the entirety of Kanopy's video collection. 

►Browse by subject or title 

►Closed-captioning available 

►Video transcripts available 

►English subtitles for foreign films 

►You (or your students) can easily create a clip of any video, making it easy to excerpt videos for use in the classroom. 

►Entire videos and/or video clips can be embedded into Canvas. 

►Entire videos and/or video clips can be used in PowerPoint. 

►Cite permanent links. Kanopy provides the ability to link permanently to both full videos and user created clips, making it easy to point other users back to the video in a citation. 

►Playlists. Create playlists of videos or video clips for students.  

►Mobile access. Kanopy can be viewed on mobile devices through its app and is also available through Roku. 

►Free public performance rights for non-commercial use by authorized users. 



Kanopy is a patron-driven-acquisition (PDA) model streaming video service. PDA means that the patron (you) selects what he or she wants to watch from Kanopy’s video collection (approximately 33,000 titles), rather than choosing from the library’s pre-selected titles.  


The purpose of the PDA model is for educators at LLCC to select videos for their curricula that best suit their instructional scenarios. Kanopy is not meant to serve as a leisure/entertainment video streaming service.  


LLCC Library has earmarked money for Kanopy to be used by its faculty in order to enrich the teaching experience. Because there is a finite amount of money set aside for Kanopy, the library entrusts faculty to use the service judiciously and understand how the product works and the costs associated with video acquisition. 


Please note that LLCC Library wants you to be aware of the costs associated and how they accumulate for this service; however, if Kanopy can be useful to your classroom experience, then please use it!! 


Cost Breakdown 

After a video title is watched FOUR times within a 12 month period, that title is triggered and a one-year license ($120)  is purchased for the video title.  If a title is viewed 0-3 times within a 12 month period there is no cost. 


If you know that you will use the same video for more than one year, please contact Amanda Wiesenhofer, Electronic Resources & Library Systems Administrator. We are able to purchase a three-year license and stretch our Kanopy dollars even further. (1-year license: $120, 3-year license: $280)


What constitutes a view?  

Watching 30 seconds or more of a video constitutes as one view.  


For example:  

•If you watch the movie, Lady Bird, then that constitutes as a view 

•If someone else clicks on Lady Bird accidentally and lets it play for 30 seconds or more, then that constitutes a view 

•If you or someone else, re-watches/watches Lady Bird, then this constitutes as a view


Once the title is viewed four times, it is triggered and a one-year license is purchased for $120. After a video has been triggered, the video can be watched an infinite number of times by a wide variety of authorized users at no additional cost for one year after the trigger point. (Again, contact Amanda Wiesenhofer if you plan to use the video for more than a 12-month period.)  


Views on a title can accumulate quickly, triggering purchased licenses. The goal is to use Kanopy as intentionally as possible with a focus on educational needs.


In a Nutshell

►You can select streaming videos from Kanopy to use in your face-to-face and online classes.

►Students can view the videos from any internet-connected device using the embed-code or permalinks that you provide.

►You can show a video synchronously during a class or asynchronously, and students can review the video at any time.

►Four or more people can separately view a video for one licensing fee.

Want access?

Go to Kanopy to start searching and using the streaming video resource.

Please bookmark the Kanopy LibGuide link or the Kanopy link, so you can return to the resource, as it will not be publicly available on the Library's website.

Also, please do not share the guide link or Kanopy link with students, but instead use the "Share Link" (permalink) or embed-code when directing students to specific videos.

We hope you will find this resource useful in your instruction.