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Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy

3D Printable Models

Click on the 3D Printable Models icon (bottom left of main interface) to make your 3D learning world come alive with these 3D printable models. Simply download these STL files and import them into your 3D printer software to create real life versions of the 3D activities. Usage of these models is subject to our licensing terms (including educational personal use only, no resale or distribution).

Discover Content


SEARCH / BROWSE :    Find the SEARCH box for keyword searching of all 125 3D models at the TOP of the Gale Interactive Human Anatomy interface. Type a search term and enter to search all models and related content. 

Click on the words BROWSE Activities to the left of the search box to see a LIST OF ALL 125 3D MODELS in alphabetical order (scroll down & click show more) and the breakdown for sorting models by body SYSTEM and REGION (see below). 


Click on the System feature box (bottom right of main interface) to explore anatomy models sorted by body system. 


  • Skeletal (29)
  • Muscular (40)
  • Nervous (43)
  •  Circulatory (30)
  • Digestive (2)
  • Respiratory (2)
  • Urinary (1)
  • Reproductive (3)


Click on the System feature box (bottom center of main interface) to explore anatomy models sorted by body region.


  • Upper Limb (23)
  • Thorax (17)
  • Abdomen (16)
  • Head and Neck (45)
  • Lower Limb (19)
  • Pelvis (10)