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BIO 170 (Human Nutrition) - Croteau - Nutrition "Research" Assignment (formerly HLTH207)

This guide is designed for Health & Nutrition BIO 177 with Becky Croteau. It will assisst you in completing the New Nutrition Research assignment.

Nutrition Research Assignment sheet - Fall 2016

The Assignment

New Nutrition Research Assignment:
Our knowledge of nutrition expands daily. With so much change, it can be difficult to keep up. In this assignment, you will learn how to find reliable nutrition information.
Pick a topic related to nutrition research. You could select a health issue, a particular food, etc. Locate at least two articles related to your topic. They should be scientific research studies conducted and reported in the last five years.
Read the articles, then write a brief summary of the information. Add your own thoughts about the research and its implications for our lives. Develop 3 questions/observations linking the research procedure - the results - the implications.
Turn in a copy of the articles, along with your brief (typed) paper and works cited list.

Student Learning Outcomes

After completing the Nutrition "Research" Instruction & Assignment, students will be able to:
1) Find, select, and examine current scholarly nutrition research IN ORDER TO
gain familiarity with recent trends and developments in the field.
2) Apply a process for reading, comprehending, analyzing, and evaluating nutrition research
IN ORDER TO better answer practical and academic questions related to nutrition topics in the workplace and/or advanced undergraduate biology coursework.

Search strategies: Select appropriate subscription databases and search terms in order to find scholarly research articles related to broad nutrition topics.

Resource selection: Identify scholarly research journal articles (as distinct from overviews, magazine articles, and news reports) in order to enhance the range/scope of resources used in future research.

Resource Analysis: Apply general and nutrition-specific criteria for evaluating research in order to begin understanding the connection between scholarly research and practical nutrition questions.