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Bio 112 - Endangered Animals Research: Endangered Lists & Internet Resources

Guide to assist students with the endangered animals research project for Bio 112 with Becky Croteau. (Fall 2009)

Topic Selection Links

NOTE: The links in this box are good places to begin this assignment. Browse them to identify different endangered species and become familiar with the basics. These sites are NOT CONSIDERED RELIABLE WEBSITES to cite as references in this paper.

Additional Reading & Background Materials

Links in this box connect to background materials recommended by Professor Becky Croteau for understanding the relevant and necessary concepts for completing this paper. These sources may or may not be cited as resources in the works cited page, depending on how much of this general information is drawn/included in your paper.

In addition, some of these resources can be searched to find specific information about endangered animals. For the purposes of this paper, when specific information about a specific animal is used, the website should definitely be included in the works cited list.

Images & Scholarly Articles on the Internet

Search Google Images to find photos for your 1-slide Power Point


Google Scholar Search

Reliable Websites - Internet Resources

To find answers to the specific questions related to endangered animal species, use the reliable websites/internet resources below. Remember, 2 scholarly resources (along with ANY websites/internet sources used) must be included. Scholarly resources must come from the library or a library subscription database.

Evaluate & Choose

The links below provide criteria for evaluating internet resources, examples of "good" & "bad" resources, and practice at determining web site quality. Use them to help you determine if the information provided online is credible, reliable & accurate.

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