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Bio 104 Croteau - Biome Power Point: Assignment

Use this guide to work through the Biomes Power Point Presentation Assignment in Biology 104 - Sections 01 & 02 -- with Professor Becky Croteau Spring 2020

Due Dates - SPRING 2020

 BIO 104 - sections 01/02
DRAFT SLIDES (see below)
Wednesday April 1, 2020
Saturday April 11, 2020 (by 11:59 pm)
TURN IN via email
(email to:
& ALL group members
include all addresses
  1. title slide with member names
  2. works cited slide (with url's)
  3. map slide
  4. photo slide
  5. content slide
(for example: 2tundra)
(for example: 2tundra)

BIO 104 - Assignment Sheet - Spring 2020

The Rubric - Spring 2020

The Assignment

For the Biomes Power Point Presentation you are expected to find a minimum of 3 credible, reliable internet resources (websites) and use them to develop a Power Point slide show describing your group's assigned biome in detail.
Presentations must addresss the following:
  • Where on the Earth can we find your biome?  (Include a world map)
  • What would we see if we visited a typical ecosystem in your biome?
  • Are there special features?
  • What is the climate like?
  • Is there a typical terrain?  (Include pictures)
  • What is the soil like?
  • What are the dominant plants?  (Include pictures)
  • How are they adapted to the environment?
  • What animals live here?  (Include pictures)
  • How are they adapted to the environment?
  • How are the plants and animals adapted to each other?
  • What other organisms might we find?  (Think about other kingdoms here…)
  • What kind of human activities take place here?
  • How do they affect the ecosystem?
  • Are there specific environmental problems?
  • Describe them…are there steps we can take to lessen the impact of the problems?
  • How might your biome respond to global warming?

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