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PCN 102: Resource Finding Guide

Use this guide to access and search for required and/or recommended articles related to PCN 102. It provides instructions for using the LLCC Library homepage to access articles listed in the PCN Syllabus under the heading: Available at the Library.

Direct Links: Articles available at the Library PCN102

I. Musculoskeletal Disorder

II. Musculoskeletal Assessment / Traction / Fractures

III. Overview of Anatomy and Physiology Male Reproductive, STD/I & HIV.

IV.  Administration

VI. Immune / HIV Disorder

VII. Chronic Neurological Disorder Overview of Anatomy and Physiology

VIII. Assessment of the Neurological System

IX.Acute Neurological Disorder

X. Rehabilitation Nursing

XI.Sensory System Problems

XII.Cardiac Disorders

XIII. Cardio/Vascular/Pulmonary Assessment Lab

  • no library articles

XV. Respiratory Disorders

XVI.  Oxygen/Pulse Oximetry/Suctioning

  • no library articles

XVII. Gastrointestinal/Biliary Disorders

XVIII. GI Assessment-Physical Exam and Health

  • no library articles

XX. Endocrine Disorders

XXI. Diabetes Mellitus

  • no library articles