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PCN 101 Resource Finding Guide

Use this guide to access and search for required and/or recommended articles related to PCN 101. It provides instructions for using the LLCC Library homepage to access articles listed in the PCN Syllabus under the heading: Articles available at the Librar

Direct Links: Articles available at the Library PCN101

V. Medical Surgical Asepsis and Infection Control

VI.Hand washing & Asepsis Gloving

VII.Cultural & Ethnic Considerations

VIII. Quality Initiatives for Health Care 

IX. Guidelines for Obtaining Vital Signs General Survey

X. Physical Assessment Signs and Symptoms

XI. Quality/Safety

XII.The Aging Adult

XIII. Surgical wound care

XIV. Role of the Nurse in Promoting Nutrition

XV. Principles and Practice of Medication Administration

XVI. Fluid & Electrolytes

XVII. Pain

XVII. Pain

U. Sleep Disorders

XIX. Diagnostic Tests

XX.Care of the Surgical Patient

XXI. Urinary Catheterization

XXII. Integumentary Disorder

XXIV.Gastrointestinal Disorders

XXV. Enteral Nutrition/Tubes

XXVII.Blood/Lymph Disorder