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Learn how to create an account in the JoVE interface with a "Professor/Instructor" role, identify what content is included in the LLCC subscription, and embed JoVE content in Canvas.

What is JoVE?

JoVE is a video library dedicated to teaching the practice and theory of scientific experiments through engaging and easy-to-understand visual demonstrations.

The LLCC subscription package includes access to Coronavirus/COVID-19 Procedures as well as Science Education Videos in the following subject areas:

  • microbiology
  • basic methods in cellular & molecular biology
  • general laboratory techniques
  • lab safety
  • general chemistry
  • organic chemistry

JoVE Access Page

LLCC has access to a custom collection of educational videos within the JoVE interface, and our access is currently limited to what you see available in the JoVE interface while logged in.  You can visit the JoVE Access page to view the LLCC content. 

There is a helpful link to this page on the footer of the JoVE interface, shown in the screenshot below.  While on the JoVE site, scroll down to the site footer and click "Access" to view LLCC's Subscribed content on the JoVE Access page.   

Scroll down to the site's footer and click "Access" to easily view LLCC's subscribed content.

Sub-collections that are included in the LLCC subscription appear in green text on the JoVE Access Page as shown below.  

Resources that are included in the LLCC subscription will appear as green hyperlinks on the JoVE Access Page..