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Learn how to create an account in the JoVE interface with a "Professor/Instructor" role, identify what content is included in the LLCC subscription, and embed JoVE content in Canvas.

Create a JoVE Account with a Professor/Instructor Role

Faculty must select the “Professor / Instructor” role when creating an account. This role will enable the access keys for embed codes to be used within Canvas, which means students will not have to authenticate into JoVE to view course materials added to Canvas.

Because of the way JoVE works when integrating the material into Canvas courses, instructors need to set up their JoVE personal accounts with the “Professor/Instructor” role in order to make the content available to students once the material is embedded in courses. 

1.  Visit the JoVE Sign-In page to begin, then click "Or Create an Account" to begin creating your Professor/Instructor JoVE account. 

Click "Or Create an Account" to begin creating your Professor/Instructor JoVE account.

2.   Enter your LLCC Email Address, enter the Captcha text, then click the "Create Account" button and the system will send an account verification email to the address you supplied. 

Enter your LLCC email address, enter the Captcha text, then click the "Create Account" button.

3.  Locate and open the verification email in your inbox (check your spam or other folder if you do not see the email in your primary inbox), then click the link labeled "Confirm Email Address" to return to the JoVE site.  

Click link in email to confirm your email address and return to JoVE to finish creating your account.

4.  On the JoVE site, enter the following information to finish creating your account:  first & last name, password & password confirmation, institution and role.  You must select the "professor/instructor role" when creating your account and use this login when accessing JoVE.  This will ensure that your embed codes are properly encoded and will allow students to seamlessly access any JoVE content that you embed in Canvas courses.  

On the JoVE site finish creating your account.  Make sure to select the "professor/instructor role" when creating your account.

Embed JoVE Content into Canvas Courses

Here is a link to additional documentation from JoVE about Setting up JoVE content with Canvas

As long as instructors create embed codes while logged into their personal “professor/instructor” accounts, students should be able to access the content seamlessly from within Canvas.